The Father’s Playbook was developed specifically for guys in response to the lack of information for men whose partners are expecting a baby.

The foundational work on Father’s Playbook was done by the Center for Health Communication at The University of Texas at Austin. The Texas Safe Babies team at The University of Texas Health Science Center Tyler and the SAGA team at UT Austin then joined to turn this work into a fully-functioning app.

In addition to our design and app development wizards, The Father’s Playbook Team has experts in health communication, maternal and child health, and infant development.

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We are thankful to our funders that have supported the app:

UT Austin | Portugal International Collaboratory for Emerging Technologies

Prevention and Early Intervention Division at the Department of Family & Protective Services


Center for Health Communication, UT Austin:

  • Michael Mackert
  • Mike Garcia
  • Kelly Pretorius
  • Marie Guadagno

Texas Safe Babies, UT Health Science Center Tyler:

  • Dorothy Mandell
  • Jon Gibson
  • Em Karimifar
  • Dan Oppenheimer
  • Nora Greene
  • Jenna Ma

SAGA Lab, UT Austin:

  • Paul Toprac
  • Xi Jin
  • Ali Kedwaii
  • Kyle Sotengco
  • Barkha Patel