Financial Calculator

Planning ahead for your growing baby can bring about overwhelming, confusing, and scary feelings. It is difficult to know upfront what is needed and how much everything will cost. Our app’s Financial Calculator makes this easy for you. In our app, we will help you choose which items to buy for your new arrival, provide an estimate of what everything will cost, and inform you on how much money to set aside per month before your child is born.

Who’s Who and What’s What in Pregnancy

What really is the difference between a birth center and a hospital?

Who’s at risk for gestational diabetes?

And, seriously, what’s a doula?

Throughout pregnancy and childbirth, you are bound to hear many new and complicated terms. We know how intimidating and stressful navigating this mountain of information can be. The newest addition of the Father’s Playbook app includes a glossary of terms explaining the medical language you will likely come across throughout your journey into fatherhood.

Understanding, helping, and supporting her

You’ve heard of the common physical stresses that occur in a typical pregnancy –morning sickness, lower back pain, sore breasts. Pregnant women can also endure severe heartburn, fatigue, nasal and sinus congestion, constipation, general swelling, and more – all from the tiny baby growing inside! Father’s Playbook has great suggestions on what you can do to support her as her body prepares for childbirth.

Changes are happening to you too

Men change during pregnancy, too. Did you know, hormones in men change during pregnancy in a similar way that women's do? Learn more about how to deal with your own changing body by downloading Father’s Playbook today!