The Father’s Playbook

Description of the app

About to be a dad and trying to make sense of pregnancy, what to do, and where to start? The Father’s Playbook app is here to help. This app is developed for guys to help them understand pregnancy and prepare them for after the baby comes. The app covers topics related to financial planning for the baby, understanding what your partner is going through, helping her during the pregnancy, tips on taking care of yourself, and help with understanding all those medical terms.

The Father’s Playbook Privacy Statement

This privacy statement describes the information we collect about our users, how we use the information, and explains sharing of information with third parties, if any. Updates to this privacy statement may occur from time to time, but we will release these updates as soon as they occur and notify our users.

Information We Collect and Receive:

The Father’s Playbook, “App”, will collect and receive two types of information from you: (1) user information and (2) other usage data, collectively “User Data” in a couple of ways:

  • User information– this is gathered at the time you sign up to use the App and once you log in to the App. This information includes: your email (username), a password created by you, general demographic information such as zip code, age, race and ethnicity, and sex (M/F), your baby’s due date.
  • Other Usage Data– this is information gathered as you interact with the App such as language preference, information articles that you access in the app, information articles that you “favorite” in the app, the time when you accessed an article, answers to survey questions that you complete and other settings you select within the App.

How We Use the Data:

User Data is used by the App to provide you with a customized experience and appropriate functionality while you use the App. User Data is also used in the following ways:

  • Your username and password are used to grant you access to the App;
  • Your baby’s due date is used to provide updates on your baby’s growth, health, and development, including reminders for pre-natal appointments;
  • Your User Data is being used to improve the app and make changes to content;
  • Your User Data will be combined with other users and be used in reports about the app. These reports will not include information that identifies you;
  • As required by applicable laws, legal process or regulation;
  • To send you updates about the App or changes made to this privacy statement

How We Share and Disclose Data:

Good news! We do not share or disclose any User Information you provide with any third parties. Other Usage Data may be shared with third party service providers and partners to provide support to the App and upgrades as needed.

If we receive a request for information, we may disclose the minimum amount of information needed for the legal request to be completed and only when required by applicable law, regulation, or your request for such information.

This App does not share or transfer your User Data with other countries outside of the country where you live. If you have any questions regarding User Data, please email:

Age Limitation:

This App is not allowed to be marketed or used by anyone younger than 16 years of age.

Security of User Data:

We take the security of your data very seriously and work hard to protect your information from loss, unauthorized access, or misuse. Our security measures include:

  • All communication between the App and App servers is encrypted;
  • App servers reside in a restricted network behind firewalls;
  • Storage of user passwords are encrypted on App servers;
  • Access to user data from the App is controlled by user logon and not available to any other user of the App.